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More on Citius Prep
Citius Prep is the perfect environment for the dedicated student-athlete who is seeking to play and compete at the next level.

Citius Prep creates an atmosphere similar to college and professional baseball both on and off the field. On top the elite training, we create a baseball schedule unmatched by any other program in the region.

Our schedule is based on a few tournaments, Junior College games, and even play some of the best High School programs in the region. Our program consists of a 9 month schedule. This schedule is broken down into 3 phases. These phases are Fall, winter training, and the spring season.

Fall Schedule Winter Training Spring Season :

  • Evaluation Phase

    • Fall Games 2-3 per week
    • Showcase
    • Full Evaluation
    • Intro to Strength Training
    • Intro to Arm Development
    • Intro to Mental Approach
    • Start of Academics/Study Hall
  • Development Phase
    • Full Strength Training Program
    • Arm Care and Development
    • Hitting and Fielding
    • Recruiting Videos
    • Indoor Scout Days
    • Flexibility Program
    • Mental Enhancement
    • Academics/Study Hall
  • Competition Phase
    • Academics/Study Hal
    • 25-30 Games
    • Spring Training Trip
    • In Season Lifting Program
    • In Season Arm Care
    • Individual Workouts
    • Spring Scout Day
    • College Placement
    • Citius Baseball Academy

Citius Prep is proud to call the Citius Baseball Academy (CBA) its home year round.

CBA is an advanced state of the art facility that offers cages, full weight room, and an advanced armd development room. CBA also has advanced technologies such as the Rapsodo system and Blast Motion. We use the CBA and all its perks year round to maximize each players potential.